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improvisational comedy

Examples of some of the improv games we play:


Alphabet Players act out a scene, but their lines must begin with the next letter of the alphabet
Changes Moderator can stop the scene at any moment by yelling CHANGE, at which point the player who last spoke must change what their last line was.
Freeze Players act out a scene. At any point, an off-stage player may yell FREEZE, at which point all players in the scene freeze in position and then the new player replaces one of the actors and changes the nature of the scene.
Hidden Line Each player is given lines on paper, and they cannot look at them. At appropriate times during the scene, they must make use of those lines, not knowing what the line is going to be.
How Many Words Players are assigned a number of words, and they can only speak using lines made up of that number of words.
Speed Dating A guy encounters a series of women in a speed dating setting - but all of the women are played by one actor.
Voice Over 2 players act out a foreign film while the other 2 players translate for the audience.